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The Indian #Metoo – We need to learn to say “#Ibelieve”

Today, I read #VintaNanda's facebook post that's been doing the rounds on social media since the past few days. Sickened to the core, I read about what she went through two decades ago. I could recall reading an ...

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[N] Hey Woman, won’t it be Nice if you….#AtoZChallenge

Hey Woman…..won’t it be nice if you : Do not strive to be a superwoman; Are you looking for praise when you do that? Do not take over the entire responsibility of bringing up your children; Are you looking for ...

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[D] Two deaths. A resolve steeled. #AtoZChallenge

My mother passed away in February 2015, after being struck by cancer for a third and final time. Buried in grief, I found myself questioning her soul, “Why didn’t you just live for yourself, after a certain point in ...

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