3 posts from month 01/2016


Q. Is this a poem that you are writing here? A. I don't know, never delved into this thought. Q. You are writing in verse, so this must be meant to be a poem? A. Ok agreed, this is a poem. Q. But where are the heavy, ...

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A Bit Of Both

There's a bit of both in me, A bit of both in all of us. Both of what? you ask, Both of the extremes, I say. I am an extrovert at times, but look forward to solitude too; Enjoying time with myself and mine, in my own ...

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My own time

The elder one has re-started the school after the winter vacations. The younger one, noodles, is still at home. Her school will re-open on the 15th of January. The busy-bee that she is, the whole day goes by in a ...

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